Hello everyone from Manila....

Hey there! :slight_smile: I’m a new member. I hope to meet new friends here and at the same time, learn English (both AE and BE).

I’m working with an IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) company and knowing proper English is very pertinent in my job role. I hope to learn more from you guys.

Thanks a bunch!

I’m a participant of an English course that takes place in a town in the middle of Germany. Our group wants to improve the English skills and so we are pleased if you would send an answer.
Okay? Fine!

Hi Wolfgang!

It’s nice to meet you here. =) Please tell me more about your group. Are all members of the group originally from Germany or do you come from different countries?


Oh hello,
it’s fine that you have answered immediately. We are fife participants and we all are Germans, the most of us unemployed. This course is sponsered by the job centre (employment office). And you? Do you live in Singapore or was you born there and do you work and live now in an other country?

I was born in Manila, Philippines and yes, I now live and work in Singapore. From here, Manila is 3.5 hours away so visiting home is never really a problem for me. =)
Before coming to Singapore, I worked in Doha, Qatar as a Marketing Communications Executive. If you’re wondering where Doha is, it’s in the Gulf region located near Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. I learned Arabic while I was there. :slight_smile:

Hello Elle,
How many languages do you speak?
Many thanks,

Hello Elle

What do you do as Marketing Communications Executive ?
Thank a lot Jeniffer

Hello Elle,
I am Antje and I learn to practice English in the English school with Wolfgang to. How is the weather where you are? By us in the middle Germany is it cold. Today is Friday and it will be weekend in some ours. What do you usally do at the weekend?
Have a nice day,


Very interesting. And now the members of our group are writing some questions and I think they all are going to post these questions in the next half hour to you …:wink:
What kind of firm was this company you worked for? A consulting bureau? A trade company? Only Arabian Customers or worldwide?

Hello Elle,
It´s nice to meet you
Can you tell me please, how many people live in Singapur?

Have a nice day!
Thank you


Hello Guenther!

I speak two languages and a little bit of everything.

I speak English, Filipino, and basic Arabic, French and Spanish :slight_smile:

How about you?

Dear Jennifer,

Most days, I write. Our team creates and designs brochures, ads, websites and other marketing collaterals.

Dear Antje,

It’s great that you are practising your English. Read English books and listen to podcasts more often. It will help big time!

The weather here in Singapore is crazy! It would rain for a few minutes and then the sun will shine again as if nothing ever happened. Singapore is a tropical country so it’s really hot over here. I wish I could visit Germany someday. :slight_smile: My mom went there for vacation years ago and the photos were ultimately captivating!

I’m going out with my friends tonight. We’ll have dinner at Marche. If I am not mistaken, it’s a Swiss restaurant.

Yesterday, no one was really responding. Suddenly, I’m bombarded with questions. I’ve got new virtual friends! :slight_smile:

In Doha, I worked with a group of companies specialising on FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). The companies under the group include six restaurants, a jewellery boutique, hotel and restaurant equipment supplier, housekeeping services and a laundry shop.

What do you do Wolfgang?

Dear Martina,

You are asking how many people live here.

They say there’s almost 5 million of us here. :slight_smile:

Hello Elle,

Thank you very much for your answer.

I’m very glad about it. Nice to meet you here. Hope we can learn English together now. I speak German, Russian and just a little bit of English. The last 3 years I worked in Russia.

Wish you a nice day.
Best regards,

Dear Elle,
it´s nice from you to answer my questions. You understand right, the marche is a famous swiss restaurant in Germany to. Some of
them are at the motortrain. Where are your friends come from? I wish you a nice weekend.

Thank you verry mutch for your answer. Can you tell me more about your city?

Have nice weekend;

Guten morgen! :slight_smile:

I just got home!

Yes, I do understand your English Antje! Good that you can string the words together now. You’ll have to work on your phrasing though.

We headed to Marche and found a long queue of people waiting to be given a seat. So we decided to have dinner at Trattoria instead. It’s an Italian restaurant. The food was great!

The friends whom I had dinner with are my colleagues. We’re a mixed bunch actually. There’s one Chinese, two Malaysians and three Filipinos.