Hello Everybody !

Hi Everybody,

I’m Nicolas from Singapore .I am new in this forum. I would like to improve my English writing skill and I would like to make new friends in here.

Pls help me to improve my English writing skill


Hi Nicolas u are most welcome to this site. You have landed in the perfect place n I am sure n certain that u will not only improve English but make a lot of new friends who will give u a helping hand 24/7. U just don’t stop asking question whenever u get confused.
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Hi Noren ,

Thank you for your warm welcome.

I am so sure that I will definitely be happy in here and I am realize that I found the right place .


U r absolutely welcome.

Hi, greeting everybody, i am the new member this forum. i am from Viet Nam Ha Noi, and i want to improve my english grammar.i want to be friendship here.

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

I am Edgar, I am from Perú. The English is my second language but I need to improve it. I hope everybody help me.


Welcome to the forum. :wink: My name is Julius from the Philippines. Enjoy learning here guys and gals! :wink:

Hello everyone,
My name is Patrick and I am an English language coach from England living in Germany. This is my first day here hope everyone has had a good Christmas so far and I’m looking forward to the New Year too.

Best regards

Patrick Gallery

Hello Patrick,

My name is Jose Molina and I am from El Salvador Living in Madrid for quite bit long.
It is great having a native English speaker in this forum it is just what we need in order to improve our English so I hope we can count on you to help us to find English easier.

Many thanks, Merry Christmas and Happy Ner Year.

Jose Molina.

hi iam sarrah from sudan
iam new also
iwould like to improve my writting skill

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Hi Nicolas,

Welcome to the group.
The best way to practice your writing skills is of course write something to someone and in here there are lots of people to contact. I am not here very often but when I am we can communicate with each other.


Hello Jose,

I will certainly do my best to help in anyway that I can. Let me know where your area of problems are in your English and I will see what I can do to help. I’m not here that often, but I will respond to any message or requests.