Hello everybody! My name is Tom Archer

My name is Tom Archer and I am a student of English.It has been four years since I fell in love with this Lady Language.

Looking forward to becoming a moderator on this forum :smiley:

See you all later

Ever yours


Well done, Tom, you made it!

Welcome aboard as a member, even though you are not new to us!

Enjoy exploring the site :slight_smile: !

Conchita, are you sure that it’s that Tom? :lol:

Welcome, Tom!
Are you a new Tom or our “old Tom”? :smiley:


So Tom,

Now that you have joined our community in earnest, you might as well tell us a little more about yourself. How exactly did you fall in love with the English language and how has this relationship influenced your life?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, talks: News report[YSaerTTEW443543]

Yes, Amy, I’m pretty sure it’s our good old Tom. It feels as if we had know him for ages, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

Hi Conchita

Yes, it does. :smiley: (I also think it’s our good old Tom. ;))

Looking forward to hearing more from (and about) Tom.


Hi man :mrgreen:
How are you?
Fine I hope that
I think you found the best web in the world. . :wink:

Oh my GOD :o


I really can’t thank you GREAT people enough for sealing my soul up with english-test.net.

Yes, dear Amy, I am the same Tom who has been giving you a very tough time for some two months and intend to do the same… :smiley:

(By the way, you people are very patient)

I have only two hobbies; Chess and English

My mother says that MICHAEL SWAN is my bible. I also love the feature " It pays to enrich your Word-Power", by Peter Funk in Reader’s Digest. But Mr. Funk’s words are never easy to handle :oops: By the way, have you ever tried that? What has been your score? If I may suggest, " Every moderator’s little biography must be on the forum. After all students are CURIOUS to know about their FACILITATORS-“----am I wrong? So Mr. TORSTEN, please make a section here on this web named " An Insight into the moderators”
and ask Mr. Jimmie to provide you with a photograph of his. He is the only one who has not been yet seen.

So stay in touch and FORGIVE me, please.

Yours ever



Tom now has a face. :lol: Nice to meet the “real” Tom. :smiley:

Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that you’re also a chess-lover. When did you start playing? Who taught you? I have to admit, that’s a game I’ve never managed to learn to play. But when do you ever find time to play chess? All your forum posts must keep you pretty busy. :lol:

I’m very familiar with Reader’s Digest. I used to work near the RD headquarters in Pleasantville, New York and I’ve done courses at their German subsidiary, too. That was very interesting. Seeing how the magazine is put together gives you a whole new perspective on it. And, I agree, Tom. The Word-Power section is a very nice regular feature.


Hello everyone,
I looking for a friend who could help me in English proficiency and writing

hello my name is fadell