Hello everybody My name is moayad

Hello everybody
My name is moayad
I am from Iraq - baghdad
I am an electronic engineer
My job is medical equipment maintenance
I wish to improve my language
I think I find this with you

Dear Moayad,

Welcome to english-test.net and many thanks for joining our community! I’m very glad to have an electronics engineer from Baghdad on board. Please tell us a little bit more about your situation. What kind of medical equipment do you maintain and how many hours do you work every day? How often do you speak English?

Best regards,

TOEIC listening, photographs: A large machine[YSaerTTEW443543]

Dear Toreston
Thanks a lot
I’m working with Albanna-group company .
There are many kinds of medical equipments I maintain such as the anesthesia machine, Ventilators(respiratory),patient monitors, infant incubators ,nebulizers ,and others. These equipments are in a hospitals and we must go to most of them from the north to south of Iraq.

Dear Torsten: nobody here can I speak English with him , and you see my language is not good.

Best regards