Hello everybody! My name is Mirlind. I am a Norwegian student, but of Albanian...

My name is Mirlind. I am a Norwegian student, but of Albanian origin. One of mye greatest desires is to learn English fluently, and in order to do so I know that there are no other ways besides practising, speaking, reading and listening English.
I study political science at the University of Oslo, but have som plans of studying in the United States next year. To get there, I"ll have to take the Toefl test and get a particular score.

I am really looking forward to join this forum, talk to nativ speakers and other English learners, improve my English and learn. Hopefully you will reply my message.

Best regards

Hi Mirlind,

Welcome to our forum and many thanks for sharing your experiences and ideas with us. As for learning English, there actually other ways than the conventional methods to achieve your goals.

Best regards,
PS: Please note that your sentence should read ‘I am really looking forward to joining this forum…’[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Mirlind!

You are warmly welcome. I hope you will get the most out of this nice forum.

Good luck