Hello everybody! My name is Marcin, I'm 28 and I come from Poland. I found...


Just to introduce myself.
My name is Marcin, I’m 28 and I come from Poland. I found this web site while searching for an interesting information related to English learning. I must say - IT’S INCREDIBLE! I am really impressed! Therefore I would like to pass to You my big THANK YOU for all the efforts of creating such a knowledge base for those who find learning English a great fun. :smiley:

Yours sincerely and still learning,

It’s not the Thanksgiving Day.
Still, warm welcome. Hope u have lots fun here

Hello Marcin, welcome :slight_smile:

i found this web site by chance like you while searching some tests to check my knowledge of English. I have an exam next month and it is so important for me. If i pass this exam I will be accepted to MS degree program :wink:

I am lucky to find here :wink:


Hello Tuba,

In that case I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the exam. :slight_smile:

All the best,

Hello everybody, Bhukkar is my name, from Indonesia, nice to see you all here.

Hello Bhukkar, nice to meet you, too :slight_smile:

Hello Bhukkar,

Nice to see You here, too. :slight_smile:


Hallo. It’s very great to meet you here!
To hope you have good time with this web!

hello all…my name rina from indonesia
i really want to improve my english so i joint in this forum, please check my english because i don’t know it’s correct or incorrect,

thank you

Hi Rina,
Hi Wonderland,

Good to have You here. I hope that together we’ll be able to improve our knowledge of English. Even writing posts here is a great exercise. My teacher always says - if You don’t practice than how can You expect to see any progress? Simple but very true.
I wish You all the best in searching for answers…


hi from turkey…
my name is yaman as you understand rom my nickname…
is there anyone to learn about Tukey and istanbul…
ı am glad to say good things about my country…
ı can also talk about our jobs to improve our busisness english…
ı am looking forward to gettin gyour replies…

Hello friend.
I am from Turkey. I was in Warsaw, Poland in 2008. I liked very much your country. Your country is very beatiful. We can improve our english ability by writing each other

Hello friend. I have not spoken to anybody from Indonesia yet. We can write each other in order to improve our writing ability. Good day…

Thanks for your reply. Could you tell me how can you improve your english in your day?

Hai, nice to see you in this forum. ya me too, I’m improving my english writing ability. Could you tell me about your day activity?

Hai Marcin, nice to see you too. It can help improving our english here. Would you tell about your self Marcin?

Hello Bhukkar,
Hello All,

I work as a purchasing coordinator in an international company which assembles bicycles for Western European countries. Usually my workdays are all the same. I wake up at 7 o’clock, eat my breakfast and prepare myself for work. I start at 8 o’clock with reading emails and answering these related to the most urgent matters. During my working hours I often have meetings where I discuss with my staff all short- and long-term issues which we need to focus on. I try to end at 4 p.m. but since many things happen each day sometimes it’s very, very difficult.
I find my job very interesting and that is mainly because of the fact that it gives a great opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people - not only from Poland - but from all over the world.

And how about You people? What do You do?


Hi, I am taarsh from India

Hi Marcin, nice to meet you, My name is Taarsh, i am 19 and i come from India

Helly everybody,
I want to introduce myself, because this is the first time I’m writing in this forum. My name is Wolfgang and I live in the Eastern part of Germany and since the 25th January I learn English in a special course. I’m an English beginner, because I only learned Russian and Latin at the grammar scool and I finished this scool 43 years ago.
Until the end of October 2009 I worked as a Senior Consultant and after finishing of this course I am going to look for a new job, perhaps in Eastern Europe. I’m primarily specialised in the improvement of the organisation and the management of hospitals and in healthcare and welfare.

I am looking forward for your reply