Hello everybody! I'm Thaohien, from Vietnam. I've learnt English for many...

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i’m thaohien, from Vietnam. i’ve learnt English for many years but not continuous. so now i almost forget every thing i’ve learnt . i’m very grateful to every one help me good at english.

Hello Thaohien,

How are things with you today in Vietnam? Welcome to english-test.net – we are very glad to have you on board. Where in Vietnam do you live?
Best regards,

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Hello Torsten and everybody,
It is relly a great pleasure to be a member in this English Forum. My name is Giabao. I am Vietnamese. I used to live in Dalat city. I came to the United States 5 years ago. I have learnt English since I was in Vietnam. I am so happy that i can keep on learning and practicing my English here. I appreciate for all your help.
best wishes to evrybody

Hello Giabao,

Welcome to english-test.net! Where in the US do you live and how do you like living there? What are the differences between life in Dalat city and the US? I’m very pleased to meet and look forward to your next forum posts.


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hello Torsten,
How are you doing?
Thank you very much for your message. You are so caring!
I live in NJ. This state is pretty much like hometown. Of course it is a lot bigger. I just want to mention the trees, the rivers and the lakes over here :). When i first came here, i was really surprised to see those. It made me feel better!! I like living here (in the U.S. because i have more opportunities. I can get a job, I can meet different kinds of people. And the most important thing is that I can reunite with my family. I was left behind because when my family came here 10 years ago, I was over 18 so I could not go at the same time with them. The differences between life in Dalat city and the U.S. is that most of the people here enjoy staying in the house much more than going out. Even in Summer time i hardly ever see them outside. In my hometown, after a long day at work, people love sitting in front of their house to enjoy the fresh air. They sometimes go for a walk, too. Moreover, people in home town are more friendly than people over here. For example, in the neighborhood where i used to live in, everybody knows everybody. We say hi when we we meet one another. Over here even though i have lived here for 5 years, I just know a few persons and my neigbors.

It seems to me that people over here highly value the privacy. I was not accustomed to living in that way at the beginning, but i am ok now. Like one says “when in Rome do as the Romes do” right, Torsten.

If you see any mistakes i made, please correct them for me. I really really want to improve my English.

Thank you so very much
sincerely yours

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Many thanks
Please correct my mistakes in this message

I am learner English also from Guinea . Could you introduce yourself for me please .