Hello Everybody! I'm Mai Adel from Egypt. I'm 23 and I live in Cairo...

I’m Mai Adel from Egypt. I’m 23 and I live in Cairo
i working as a customer support on broker company
I want to make new friends and improve my English because all my work is in English
Please write me and tell me about yourselves!

Hi Mai.

My name is Ali.I am 21 years old.

I am from Saudi Arabia.
I study English language at University.

I want to talk with anyone just because to improve my English.

Hello Ali,

What’s the name of the university you study in? Are you in the sophomore year?

: o)

Hello Mai, I’m Hadeer. I’m from Iraq/Baghdad. I’m an instructor in Baghdad University. I teach English grammar and phonetics to second class and I used to teach the third class an essay. It’s nice to be friends to communicate with each other and exchange different information to improve our English. So welcome again Mai and keep in touch


good evening mai welcome here
my name’s fatina from syria hama
i’m teacher
my study was english literature and diploma also
i love this forum very much it’s useful to improve and practice
good luck keep in touch

Hello dear new friend,
This is Joao Fonseca from Brazil and it is always a such big pleasure to meet new people specially from far far away. i think of your hard language and still we can communicate in this one. it is just amazing. I guess you know the whole world knows a bit about your country i means in terms of History it is a fantastic place to be visited. Let me inform something I do. I received loads of english tips from many other friends and do a distribution to them from a directory i created. so almost every single day. I can send you some very good and outstanding english tips. how about it? are you up to get them? send me your email to my address which is joaof2@yahoo.com.br

a little about me. I live in Brasilia city, capital o Brazil. i am 47 and married, three kids. my oldest doughter just enter the university she is doing mathc, but she really wants to study medicine. she is 18, also we have a couple twins, andre vinicius and anna beatriz. they are 15. I also use english at work.
lets keep in touch and please jot down some other lines.

hello everybody
I’m new friend here let’s me talk about myself
I’m 30 years old
I studied english literature at university and got diploma after my graduation
I’m teacher
I love this forum very much

Why doesn’t she study what she wants?

hello friends
i am from turkey and my aim is improve my english by speaking like you…there is no time to miss we have to start chat i think


Hello Mai and all other frnds (just to be brief, instead of writing “friends” in full :smiley: ).

I am Kamal, from the very “Liberated and Democratized” republic of Iraq. I am a translator and interpreter, working in the Gulf with a British Training Agency- for a local government office.

My age: 93 (reflected in a mirror) :shock:

hi Ali, I am yusri, from indonesia…
do you live in saudi arabia?

You must know mecca city, please tell me how condition mecca?

I want to go there but, no have enaugh money to pay transportation price,

can you help me

oh ya, add me at your list email ( ciciunic@yahoo.co.id )

Dear friend,

It is nice to be with us in this web. We are ready to discuss anything you wish, the thing that serves to develop our knowledge, understanding and developing our ability to communicate with each other. Many people are descended from different countries and thus have different cultures. Communication with each other will expand the horizon of our knowledge of others’ cultures and will open the door wide for us to draw from that science and technology held by other civilizations