Hello everybody! I'm from Vietnam. I want to improve my level English...

:smiley: Hello everybody! I’m from Vietnam!
I want to improve my level English!I hope to practice with all of you!

Hi Kimiu,

Thanks for joining our forum. Where in Vietnam do you live and why do you want to improve your English?
Talk to you soon,

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I was very happy to receive the reply!
Iwas born in a small province which is next to Hanoi capital of Vietnam. But I live in Hanoi capital to study now.
I hasn’t understood about uses of English yet. But I interested in studying it and I think English language is necessary with everybody to work, especially in financial field.
( I’m studying about finance!)
I don’t know do you understand my writings .May be there are some mistakes. I hope there will be received your riches opinion contribution .
Thank you everybody!

hi every body this is bechem.i want to improve my communication skills.And i want to improve my level ENGLISH.i think i will get that soon and to practice with all of you.