Hello everybody! I'm Clara and I'm from Udine, Italy...

Hi everyone,
I’m Clara and I’m from Udine, Italy.
I’ve been studying English for quite a long time. After I graduated from the University of Udine I lived in New Jersey for over 5 years where I enjoyed working in ine of the offices of a major retail store.
I am happy I found this site as it gives me the chance to keep the language alive.
I am sure I will find plenty of tips on how to improve the knowledge of this wonderful language.

Hi, Clara!

My name is Olga. I am from Russia.
I like learning foreing languages.

As for me I prefer to watch films in English, read books on linguistics and contact my friends per Internet.
It helps me to enreach my vocabulary and make it fine and beautiful.
Besides I like to use idioms and phrasal verbs.
Id like to offer you to make friends with me and exchange messages thats why I have run this letter to you.

I am looking forward to your reply.

hi clara
iam a boy from morocco may name is belaid.i am from morocco
i am so happy to post this reply because i study english in university of agadir and i want to exchage messages with you and to exhange information
I am looking forward to your reply.

Hi Olga,
thank you for your nice reply. I will be more than glad to exchange emails with you and improve our English at the same time.
I read lots of English articles and material in general and watch movies when I have time.
Take good care for now!!
My kind regards,

Hi Belaid,
thank you for your reply.
I will be happy to exchange email with you as well and talk about everthing concerning the improving of English.
Have a great day!
My best regards,

Hi,Clara,nice to see you here~ I am Yoski in China~ and I am a English Learner also~ lol~
Do you back to your hometown when you graduated ?

Have a nice time~


Hi Clara! I am Jorge from the Philippines. I am also here to learn more about the English language and to have more friends whom I can share my experiences too.

Hi Yoski,
thank you for you warm welcome.
I actually came back home from the US about 10 years ago, so I look at that as a distant experience I still cherish, though. I have been teaching English since I got back and I love doing it. I’ve taught both young students and adults. For the past 4 years I’ve had a lot of fun introducing English to 5 year-old kids in pre-school. Tough job but truly rewarding.
Have great one!

i’m tabata and i’m from pordenone-italy, just one hour away from udine. It’s funny! I study at the university of udine, and i’m trying to refresh my english, by dong a little bit everyday.
hope to talk to you soon

hello guys!
i’m new here and i’m trying to undestand how everything work. my name is tabata, i live in italy but i would like to move and live abroad, and see as much as i can of the world. i have been studying english for a long time, but there aren’t a lot of ocasions to use it…so i thought of internet!
thank you all
talk to you soon

Well Done, Clara. :slight_smile: I hope I can be a English teacher also, but unfortunately, my English is not enough good~ :slight_smile:
so I do foreign sales job now~ I can contact with foreigners,and sometimes give them a phonecall~ and I think I can improve my english from them~ lol~

How’s your kids? are they naughty ? hehe…

Wish you have a nice time with your family~ :slight_smile:


Hi Clara,
I am new in this website and joined because I want improve language skills. It is great website in which we can learn new things as well as meet new people to share our thoughts. By sharing our thoughts and ideas to each other we can learn more. I think it would be pleasure for me to have friend like you. I will keep writing you please you also keep replying.

hi clara,
I am from india and have been studying english for quite a long time.
nice to see that you want to improve your english.
If you come across any website of this time do info me .

Hi, Clara! Hi, everybody!
How are you?
How is your English?

Id like to offer you an interesting topic to discuss: movies. What kind of movies do you like (action, travelogues, thrillers and so on)? What actors? Do you like going to the cinema? Do you watch films in English? I like to watch films in English. But sometimes there is too much inappropriate lexic. Yesrterday I was watching a film with Nicolas Cage. He performed a shrewd detective. His acting was perfect! The plot was rather puzzling. But his prononciation, his voice are very difficult to understand. He didnt spoke distinct. So I am going to watch it again
(this time without subtitles).
I also like cartoon (in English of course).

So I am looking forward to your reply!

Hello everybody,

My name is Sezel and first of all, I would like to be excused that I didn’t introduce myself earlier.
I’m from Bulgaria but now I’m living in Botswana. Here everybody speak English and it is very good for me. But I need your help to improve my English skills. My biggest problem is to speak (pronounce) English.
Every time when I receive email with English lessons from www.english-test.net I try to learn and to compete them.
Can you give me advice how I can improve my pronunciation.

Thank you very much.

When I registered myself I misspelled my name, instead of Sezel I wrote Seyel :). So the correct spelling is Sezel (with “z”).

Hi, Clara!

What do you think about the topic I`ve offered?
May be there is something else what would you like to discuss?

Thank you very much.


Hi everybody! Im from Ukraine.if you are interested about my country Ill be glad to give you some interesting information))

Hi clara
I love you writing style. On the top of that i like you picture. I want to have voice chat with you and exchange emails.
Could you please provide me your yahoo. id if you have.

Hallo everybody

I am jsut trying fill in and make my emglish better. I can see that all you guys are very good at English.

Best regards


hello everybody

I love to join here. I want to improve my English. Please correct my grammar if i am wrong.

thank you