Hello everybody! I'm a new member here!

Hello everybody! My name is Liliana and I am from Latvia. My native language is russian and I’m here, because I’d like to find a lot of new friends for friendship, for impoving my english, for good time here. I hope I’ll find anybody on this site!

Hi Liliana how are you ?
My name is hassan from Morocco,I’m here to find and make friends .
look my native language is arabic but I like english,I want to speak it very well and that why I’m trying to improve it as much as I can…but that’s need practice,if u want to do something well you should to practise it,so in my view I need to practice my english .
if u want to contact me it’s easy just add me : kingofmyself@example.com .
it’s will be nice to add me and become acquaintance,and talk with u .

Hi! I’m fine, thanks! How are you? What can you tell about yourself?

Hi Dears ,
this is hakeem hakeemi from Afghanistan , and I am also desire like this , I mean to find friends and I find myself here to lern more and more and improve my english here and to share some beautiful cocepts with all of you , if you have any question and advices just take free to ask to find out my won boo boos i mean mistakes it will be your coordination with me and hope to be here for ever and ever …