Hello everybody, I'm a new member from Vietnam!

Hello every body! I’m a new member from Vietnam. My name is Nguyen; people often calls me Emily, too.( that’s my English name…^^). Well! Knowing this website by Google is just so amazing to me :o . I think i got a big luck. I’ve been reading things in this web since yesterday when i found it; and I realize that it’s so fabulous and useful. I gave this website to my friends and they were really glad to have it.I think this is a great pleasure for everyone who’s willing to learn English. There are so many things to learn in here. I’m 18. I was an exchange student and studied in 12th grade in the US last year. Unfortunately i didn’t have a chance to live with an American host family, but I’ve met a lot of friends and i’ve learn a lot of new things when i came there.Yeah, That was the time that’ll never forget. Now I’m applying for a colege in Caly, hope everything will be Ok so that i can continue to study in the US. I want to make friends in all over the world (if i could…^^!) and that’s one of the reasons that i wanna join to this forum.I’m also going to take the TOEFL test in this october. My English is still not so good, and this is not what i’ve expected.I’m really sad about this and I hope some one can help me more, and share things with me in this forum. I still have a lot of things to share with everyone…um…like how can i become an exchange student,or about my country-Vietnam…ect.
( Can anyone fix my mistakes above if i did >.< :?: thanks alot if you could, i’m really thankful for that :smiley: )
Hope to hear your respon soon!
Best wishes and God bless! :slight_smile:

Dear Nguyen,

Welcome to english-test.net and many thanks for introducing yourself to us. I’m very glad that you like our website and I look forward to working with you. If you like, you can try the following test and tell me how many questions you got right on the first attempt: english-test.net/esl/learn/e … l-test.php

Best regards,

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Dear Torsten,
Thanks for your replying! I’m really happy to have your response so soon. Well, I got only 7 questions right. :cry: How do you think, I didn’t do well, right? There’re some word that i don’t know like ovation and poll >.<. Now i got it, thanks again :smiley: .I’ll try to learn more and more new vocabulary and do the tests in this website. May i ask you this? What’s the best way to learn vocabulary quickly and effectively? :?: I’m preparing for the TOEFT IBT test, and there’re so many words that I’ve never heard. It’s really hard to learn by heart and use these words in real life. Do you have any advice for me? Do you think it’s going to work if I just keep learning a big amount of words everyday? I’m afraid it’s going to be too mamy to catch up and i’m going to forget them all really fast. I want to learn and know them as fast as possible. Well, studying oversea in college must be really hard but I’m not going to give it up…^^. I’ll never.
Torsten, I’m just wondering… how’s the weather where you’re living?..^^! You know? Now it rains a lot here in Vietnam, almost everyday but it’s still hot. I hate so be wet and when it’s hot. Well, I like cold weather. It makes me to remember the winter I spent in Michigan. :roll:
You must be really busy with all the works, thanks for your caring and everything you’ve done for me and also what you’ve done to help people who’s leaning this language.
Emily nguyen

Dear Emily Nguyen,

Many thanks for sharing your experiences with me. As for the weather in Germany, it’s pretty good at the moment, the temperature is pleasant and there is not too much rain.

Yes, you are right, trying to cram a large amount of vocabulary words into your head isn’t the most effective way of improving your English. You can take just one TOEFL vocabulary test each day and top of that you should get as much exposure to spoken English as possible. Here is your first TOEFL vocab test: english-test.net/toefl/vocab … l-test.php

Let me know what you think.

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Dear Torsten,
Thanks so much. I really appreciate your help.I’ll try the test you gave me right now. I’ll let you know how’s my improvement in English as i go through with those tests latter on. Ok?
It’s really nice to meet you! :slight_smile:
Emily nguyen