Hello everybody, I want to get a certificate of TOEIC as soon as possible...

I’ve just joined for 1 hour .I’ve received an email from Mr Torsten and finished the lesson already,thank you Mr Torsten . Now , It’s time to discover this forum :slight_smile:
Actually, I’m totally confused because so many information here , I don’t know how to start. :shock: I think first of all, I should introduce myself and try to contact with everyone.I’m Chau Le,20years old and I come from Hochiminh city of Vietnam.I want to get a certificate of Toeic as soon as possible but my English’s not good ,especially listening and writing so maybe need much time to get it. :frowning:
I hope I can improve English by contact frequently with everybody,so please talk with me if you have free time. :roll:
take care
bye bye
P/s: Please correct if I’m wrong somewhere.thank you :o

In the delicious bait always have a sharp fish hook!!! I think the road to success is not easy such as what things you say.Anyway, thank you for your kindness :wink:

Hello Jan_Le,

I’m a new member and I’ve read you’ll take the TOIEC. Me too. I’ll try it in January. So I have to start learning vocabs, haven’t I. As I can see, your writing isn’t as bad as you may think. Oh, I’ve forgotten to introduce myself: I’m Anne, 32 years old, working as an office assistant in Germany near - really near - the Baltic Sea. I’m learning especially Business-English, but I’m bad in speaking spontaneously.

Let’s talk with each other. It only can get better.


Hello Anne,
Nice to meet you.How are you today?
I’m glad to hear that you could understand what I wrote, I wasted a lot of time to finish it^^Yes, I think so, vocabulary is very important, we should learn as much as possible .How can you know this website? For me,I found it when I searched grammar , it’s really interesting web, right ? Oh, you come from Germany, I wish I can visit your country one day , can you tell me about your country?I come from Vietnam. How much do you know about my country?
Waiting your reply!
take care

Hello Jan_Le,

it’s a pleasure for me to write with you. I’ve just made a part of an example TOIEC-test. It’s quite tricky, especially when it comes to business phrases and letters. I have a lot to learn yet. I found this website by looking for a better possibility to practise my speaking skills. Although we can’t talk with each other spontaneously, it is helpful to speak with recorded voice. That is useful too.

You wish you visited Germany one day, I’ve the same wish about Vietnam. My son (10 years old) participated on a school-project last year that dealt/couped with your country. That made me inquisitive, too. A school-collegue of my son’s is a Vietnamese girl, named Phuong Anh. She is very good at school. Her parents originally came from Vietnam, but she was born in Germany. My son likes her, because of her knowledge and her calm behavior. But I must admit, that I don’t know as much as I want to know about Vietnam, the nature there and your people.

From my point of view Germany isn’t an interesting country. A lot of rules, rush and density. But if you’ll come around here you should visit Köln, Berlin or Hamburg - big cities, everyone of a special kind. For impressions of nature my home district - Mecklenburg - is very well suited (near the Baltic Sea, not so many people, country-life, many old castles).

That’s it for now.
Looking forward to hear from you.