Hello! Everybody, I am Carey From Macao

I am glad that I find the place for the Toefl test.

I will retake the Toefl test (ibt) on Sept, so do you think that it is very difficult to get marks higher than 92? Because I only scored 57 in the past test

OH, hi Carey,

Welcome to the forum. :smiley:

It seems you are the first one from Macao to be here. That’s really nice.

You are going to take “iBT” soon. Hmm, I have no idea in this because I’m in the middle of taking an iBT class. :smiley: I believe you can do it if you prepare well for it. :smiley:


Hi Rosalisa,

I think the most differcult part is “integrated writing” and speaking, do you have any idea to improve these two parts?

Hello Carey,
Nice to meet you too :stuck_out_tongue:
There is one girl from this forum,she has score of 110-so I think it is possoble for everyone who is determined to reach a high score to do it ! :smiley:
But a score of 92 is also very good result,arent you contented with it ?!However wish you luck and hard work :slight_smile:

Hello Carey,

I’m sorry if I have confused you. I mean,I’m in the middle of learning iBT :D. But I can give you an idea about intergrated speaking and intergrated writing if you don’t mind. Talking about Intergrated speaking/writing, what we have to do is to be prepared, take notes from the reading passage as well as from the listening passage well and carefully and speak or write based on those.

Hmm…what do you think, Carey? :smiley:

Nice meeting you all. I am new.