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The tower of Pisa is one of the most popular building Europe.It‘s impressive ancient tower, which has an interesting history and features.This building is in Italy and it‘s pride of country. This paper seeks to address the following questions:why the Tower of Pisa is so famous?What‘s the story of its and why it leans?and finally-is it possible that the famous tower will collapse in the future?

Although the tower is famous because it leans, it is an outstanding example of Romanesque architecture, and would probably be famous, even if it didn’t lean.
The history of Pisa is a little bit unusual/unconventional, because tower wasn’t supposed to lean! It was supposed to just be the bell tower that rang to inform when to come to church.By the way, nowadays there are seven bells, which have their own names but it‘s not the most imposing thing for visitors, the tourists are more interested in unique building, its architecture and history.

The tower was begun to construct in 1173 and after the first three stories were built, the ground started to sink,because of water under the ground. Four more floors were constructed in to make-up for the inclination. The construction stopped again until 1372 when the last floor of the Leaning Tower of Pisa was built. In other words, Tower of Pisa may be leaning because of a blunder mistake by engineers.

Despite this fact, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most popular monument in Europe, which attracts over one million visitors each year, many of whom climb to the top to enjoy the panoramic view of Pisa, but isn‘t it dangerous? After all, Tower of Pisa is still leaning.The first time in history this building was closed thirty years ago, because engineers decided that the increasing leaning was a danger to visitors and there is necessity to make the building safety.

There was a lot of ideas and plans fow to prevent building from leaning, but the most significant project was suffered by british engineer, who suggested to remove ground from under the high side, instead of trying to add ground under the low side.In 1999 the work began and after three years it was restored. The tower had been straightened up by about 16 inches, which returns it to the position it held in 1838.
Its a hot issue will the tower of pisa ever fall? It doesn’t lean over long enough to have to do that and experts say the famous tower of Pisa will stay for at least a few hundred years, because restoration work ín 1999-2001 stabilazed the tower and it‘s completely safe now.

The Tower of Pisa was called the most leaning tower in the world for a long period of time, but in 2010 was build a tower that leans 18 degrees to the west, 14 degrees more than the Tower of Pisa.This is the Capital Gate in Abu Dabi.There is a luxury hotel.

Hower, the imposing tower of Pisa is still visited by a lot of tourists and its popularity is endless, because this building has an interesting history and it is the first type like this building in the world.

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