1. I’ve never heard of them.
    1a. I’ve never heard about them.
  2. We don’t hear anything of him these days.
    2a. We don’t hear anything about him these days.
    Please correct the above sentences.

Are ‘hear of’ and ‘hear about’ phrasal verbs?

Hi Allifhatima!

I once carried a little research into the phrasal verbs [size=150]hear about/hear of/hear from/hear out[/size].

 I think you will find them useful:

1) hear about

      If you [i]hear about[/i] something, [i]someone[/i] [i]tells you about it[/i] or
   [i]you find out about it[/i] from an information source like the news media. 

   For example:

      •	Have you heard about the terrorist attack in Los Angeles this morning? 
       I just heard about it on the news. 
      •	Francine heard about the party, and she told Gerry and me.

    [b]2) hear of[/b]              

         If you've heard of someone, you know who they are and what they do.

   For example:

       •	 We met people in the jungles of Borneo who had never watched TV or
      read a newspaper, and they'd never heard of Barack Obama. 
       •	 I've never met anyone who hasn't heard of Michael Jackson.

 [b]Note: [/b]Usually used in one of the perfect tenses, such as "Have you heard 
    of ...?" or "I have never heard of ..."
      [b]3) hear from [/b]  

If you hear from someone, they call you, email you or contact you in some other way.

        For example:

       •	 Have you heard from Kyle lately? I haven't heard from him for a week
             or two.
      •	I hear from my kids at least once a week. They usually email, but 
            sometimes they phone.

     [b]4)  hear out[/b]

  If you hear somebody out, you listen to them until they've finished what they 
      are saying.
    For example:

       •	 You should hear somebody out before you respond to what they say.    
       •	 You should hear me out before you start telling me what's wrong with
           what I'm saying.


In my sentences, are ‘heard about’ and ‘heard of’ interchangeable?

I would rather a native speaker answered this question… )

In my sentences, are ‘heard about’ and ‘heard of’ interchangeable?

Hi Allifathima,

I asked this question at another helpline and received the following reply:

   2, yes;
   1, not really.

  I think you will take note of it. :-)