"He was born to Nepal" vs "He was born in Nepal"

Dear all,

I have read this sentence “He was born to Nepal”, is it correct? and is it different from “he was born in Nepal”?

Your answer is highly appreciated.

thank you


Could you provide some context?

Generally, we speak of being born ‘in’ a place, yes. but we use the term ‘born to’ when referring to whom the child was born.
“He was born to wealthy parents, and never suffered for want of anything.”

Also, we use the term ‘born to’ to express a natural affinity for or talent at something, as if that person was born for the sole purpose of doing that activity.

‘Born to be wild’, ‘born to ride’, ‘born to teach’, ‘born to fly’, etc.

However, that is not the case in your example.

I can’t be sure without the exact context, but I suspect it’s saying that Nepal was his mother, i.e. he was a child of Nepal, meaning he kept to Nepalese traditions and customs.