He is punctual to the minute

1…He is punctual to the minute

2…My watch has broken down

Your first sentence feels odd to me.

I would just say “He is extremely punctual.”

I have no objections whatsoever to your second sentence. Either needs a period, however.

Hi Ganesh,

Perhaps: Punctual to the very minute.

I think ‘broken down’ is rather a grand expression for a watch. Cars, machinery break down but the humble watch would simply be: My watch is broken/doesn’t work/has stopped working.


Good point, Alan. I agree.

I’d feel “He is punctual to the minute” is also a redundant expression.

I don’t think it is used very much, but wouldn’t call it redundant.

“Haihao is late.”
“Yes, it’s not like him. He’s usually on time.”
“Normally, you could set a clock by him, because he’s punctual to the very minute.”

I would understand the term to mean that if you are due at 8pm, then that is the time you would arrive. You wouldn’t be late - and you would also not be early. I know someone like that, and have described him in these terms.

PS Haihao, have you noticed your PM inbox?

Thank you BN. And I have now opened my PM inbox. :slight_smile: