He do not know anything?

Sir, Many persons used to say " He do not know anything" while speaking. I think when we speak, it will be ok. But, in grammar, it should be " He does not know anything" Am I right sir?

Hi msudan

You are right. The correct sentence is “He does not know anything” (or “He doesn’t know anything”).

Dear sir, Thank you very for your quick reply.

Hi Sudan,

Why do call Amy “sir”?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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You’re welcome, msudan.

By the way, my first name is Amy, and I am a woman.

Please call me Amy (or Yankee, if you prefer). :wink:

Is it correct for using “persons” here? I thought “people” would be the one, isn’t is?

Amy Madam, Very happy to receive your reply. Now I need your help in clear out the usage of guarantee and warranty. What is the exact difference between these two words. Could you please describe for me?

Hi Msudan,

Please read guarantee vs. warranty.


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sunflower, “many people” would be more expected, but using “persons,” although not as natural, is not incorrect.