“Having a lot of money and being able to buy things they want truly/really make

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Oscar Wilde, the famous Irish novelist, said “When I was young, I used to think money was important in life. Now, being old, I know it is”. It means that money is not only important to our youth but also very important to all our life. Money gives us the best life conditions, a secure health care and a stable future. From where I stand, having a large amount of money and being able to buy things one wants truly make people happy and more satisfied.
The first reason for my view is that money can create really big differences at least in peer relationships. Our parents’ generation in the 1970s or 1980s experienced same difficulty and deprived years. Everyone lived and worked together in old narrow factories, worn old-fashioned clothes, drove bicycles which were supported by the Government, so their life was really simple but very miserable. Living ub such an insufficient life, I believe our parents were not happy and satisfied. Our national economy has been changing in recent years, and resulted in changes in general relationships, values of modern life, concepts of rich, poor or even love. Some people are only confident when they own expensive houses, wear luxurious clothes while the others only respect people belonging to upper class and disregard the rest of the world. This tendency has been spreading more and more rapidly, especially in Vietnamese youth community and it has been being supported by a part of last generation. It’s plain common sense- the more money you have, the more respect you receive from people around including your friends, your relative, your lover any people you meet in usual days. I’m still young so I’m not out of this exception.
The second reason is that money can’t buy everything but money can buy a lot of things and there is something which is only bought with money! Our health is an example. Some people will reject this example because they think that we can have good health by practicing frequently, having balancing diet, etc. However, in case they suffer mortal injuries. Clearly, they must go to hospital and will be treated with special drugs and expensive treatments. Even this process must last long with complicated steps. In that case, I think that having extra money is the only condition ensuring success of recovery.
Indeed, ideas about money are various. It is a forever topic but there is never the same viewpoint. Then, depending on one’s characteristics, depending on one’s own experiences, depending on one’s target-life, we will have our own thougets. For me, I claim my thought again: money is more important than a lot of things and people may be happy with it.

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