Have you ever talked English in your dreams?


It’s been a while that I’m going to create this topic. When I am really busy with this English, it’s somehow craziness, but believe me, after being an English daydreamer, it even continued itself into my dreams.

It happened about six months ago, inside of a train, late at two in the morning! I was really excited about that. But these days, it happens every time for me even when I am going to take a simple daily nap! It’s really annoying now!

What about you? Have you ever talked English in your dreams?


Hi dear Salivan
most of the time i speak English in my dreams…Also i drive very fast.Uknow why?Because i love ithem and i can’t do them in my real life.
do you think so?

Hello Salivan!

I still remember the first time I had a dream in English; January, 2004 ,in the USA. I was so thrilled when I woke up and realized I had dreamed in English. From that day on I have repeated the experience pretty often and it is always very pleasant to me. While dreaming my English is quite good, I just speak in the language, without breaks to consider if I’m right or wrong, if I have used the right vocabulary or if I could have expressed my thoughts in a better way. Also , while dreaming people speak to me in English. Everything is so effortless, just done in a natural way and I love it.