Have you ever spoken to forum members?


Have you ever spoken to any forum member on the telephone? If not, who would you like to speak to and why?

too hesitant to admit? :roll:


I never had any contact with somebody met on forums (exept by email) ,either in person nor by phone ,and I wouldn’t recommend to do this to my kids,after all we are living in very bad times, times when security had been too much overstreched, parents usually can’t protect you effectively so much as they would wish,therefore kids are more depended on their own intuition what could be very unforunate afterall.I would love to meet for example you Tom, for many reasons as I could remeber you origined/came from Pakistan and this would be interesting enough and we would find a lot of pleasure to talk about that region’s countries.We can do that as well quiote good writing posts I presume.
I am parent myself and I am afraid how internet could be abused .
I guess, it is a door to all good and bad together what the world could have to offer to us.

Tom, I think this is better kept private.

And spoil all the fun? Not for all the tea in China!

I don’t know about you guys, but I personally think that it is super fun to know certain people up to a personal level on this forum without anybody knowing it. It is a bit like role playing, only as strangers to each other.

It’s fun, seriously.