'Have you any access or other needs?'


Right now I need to fill in an application form for an event (some kind of a day professional training) that is to be held in January.
In addition to personal detail and other usual questions they also ask some special ones. Among them are:

- Have you any special dietary requirements?
(thanks goodness, I haven’t any, and so - don’t need to describe my ‘diet’ in ‘proper English’ :))

- Have you any access or other needs?
I am afraid I (can) misunderstand the word access here.

Could you explain the use, please?

Hi Tamara,

It’s a strange wording but it means: Do you have any physical disability that might make it difficult for you to get into the building? I suppose it could be about someone who uses a wheelchair. But at the same time to my literal mind it could also refer to any problem related to getting to the venue.

PS a teacher like correction: that is to be help in should be to be held.




Now I understand what they mean (even though I haven’t yet seen the building allocated for the event :))

PS I saw it first :slight_smile:
…Thank you, Alan.