Have vs Have got

Ok guys, here I go…
I tend to say a lot of things with the expression “have got”. For instance, “I’ve got a lot of work to do”. I know you can say the same thing using “have” (I have a lot of work to do).I want you to tell me if there is such a big difference in using them (I mean, when it is suitable?). Plus, I’d like to know if there is a way to say things with “have got” in a negative sense, like " I don’t’ve got a lot of work to do". For sure there is an explanation but I don’t what it is…

So, help me out guys. Thanks!

Hi Serzige

You can use ‘have’ and ‘have got’ interchangeably (to refer to something you possess).

The negative form of ‘have/has got’ is ‘have/has not got’:

“He hasn’t got any money.”

Hi Serzige,

To me the use of ‘have’ and ‘have got’ varies slightly. I think this is because ‘have’ is so widely used with many different meanings that the use of ‘have got’ defines more clearly the sense of possession/ownership. In a conversation for example A is offering help to B:

A Do you want to borrow my electric screwdriver to help you do it more quickly?

B No thanks, I’ve got one myself.

If you used ‘I have one myself’, this would sound very formal.


But in such a case like “I’ve got one myself”, how would you change it in a negative way? Could it be “I dont’ve got one” or I haven’t got one"?

thanks for your time!

Standard English (BE and AmE):

“I’ve got one myself” --> I haven’t got one myself."

Extremely informal (slang!) usage in AmE:

“I got one myself” --> “I don’t got one myself” -OR- “I ain’t got one myself”.

This must be a regularization. My kids are 3 and 5, live in a non English speaking society and have never heard anyone utter such a thing yet they still say “I don’t got it”.

Hi Huevos

Yes, that’s basically how I see it. The contracted part of “have got” is often completely omitted in conversational AmE, leaving only the word “got” with a meaning equivalent to “own” or “possess”. However, I’d also say that “I don’t have” would still be far more commonly used than “I don’t got”.

Today my English teacher told me, that “Have Got” is the Present Perfect’s tense
But I think it’s Present Simple. Who is right?