Have many times....

Are these alright?
–How many times have you been “dolphined”?
–How many times have you been fooled/pranked/cheated etc.?


They are grammatically all right, though the verb ‘dolphined’ is not very common except, I think, in IT/Internet-related contexts.

" Pranked" is not appropriate, it is not a verb.
It would be, “How many times has someone played a prank on you?”

But, there is a really growing tendency among the ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ generations to ‘verbify’ nouns and ‘nounify’ verbs. How do you look at that trend? We can cite many, many examples.

It hasn’t. grown enough to be considered generally acceptable. In fact, I have never heard it before - it’s that uncommon.
I would certainly not advocate it as correct, even informally.