have/had been

Hello Tutors,

What is the meaning for have/had been?

Whether all the sentences having “have/had been” are passive voice sentences?

if so, then please explain the meaning and how its passive voice for the below two sentences.

1.You’ve been making so much noise with your music that people at the far end of the road can hear you.
2.I have been hearing strange stories about you recently but I do hope that there is no substance in them.

I wonder if you explain this with simple examples of your own sentences.

Thanking you.


Note: If you find any mistakes in my forum question w.r.t grammer, meaning, politeness,etc… please let me correct the mistakes with your help and give your suggestions.


is the present perfect continuous and so is

. They both describe what has happened recently and is continuing to happen.


Thanks for replying.

Here you said present perfect continous. It means what has happend and is continously happening.

That means present continous.

Please explain the diff b/w present continous and present perfect continous.

Also “been” verb can be used in passive voice and present perfect continous. Am i correct?

Thanking you.

Hello Tutors,

Please explain the doubt which i posted above.


present continuous
present perfect continous
There are also links on those pages to exercises with regard to both tenses.

‘Been’ can be used with both, and you’ll find examples of that on the links.

Hi Tskarthic,

The present perfect continuous combines what has happened with what is continuing to happen. The present continuous just describes what is happening.


Hello My Language Coach,

Thanking you for giving useful tips and links.

Now i have learnt about the difference b/w present continuous and present perfect continuous.

Hello Alan sir,

Thanks for your mentoring.

It was very useful to know the difference b/w present continuous and present perfect continous.

Thanks a lot.