have been vs. had been

i really can not understand where to use have been and had been.for examples I have been to london.HAve you ever been there.what will be my answer. yes, I had been there.Can I say i had been in this company instead of I was in this company.please tell me the all uses of have been and had been.

Use the present perfect when the action potentially leads up to the present. Use the past perfect when the action leads up to another point in past time.

Mr. Micawber, could you give some examples, please? These two tenses are difficult for me as well.

I have been sick for three days.
I had been sick for three days when the doctor finally arrived.

I haven’t eaten since last Tuesday.
I hadn’t eaten since the week before; that’s why I was so ravenous last Tuesday.

Hi Everybody,
Please find below the answer for this…
had been is the past perfect; have been is the present perfect; will have been is the future perfect.

had been is used to describe a condition which existed prior to a certain time in the past: “Before I learned English, I had been able to speak only Spanish.”
“Before I visited Greece, I had been in France.”

have been is used to describe a condition which existed prior to the present time:
“I have been able to Speak English for many years.”
“I have been in both France and Greece.”


Mister Micawber, Gops thanks a lot!

i want to know when and where we use have been and had been.thnx

Hi Hameeda,

Many thanks for your question. Here is the answer: How to use ‘have been’ and ‘had been’?

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how to use “been” and “being”?

I never been London.

what is it menas?

Plz someone give me ans

Could you ask that in English, please?

Welcome to English-test, Manojkumar. Please be careful when typing your posts and make any corrections you can first. Also, do not use internet abbreviations, because this is a language forum.

‘I never been London’ is incorrect, but the meaning is that you have never visited London. It should read. ‘I have never been to London’.

Thankyou Sir for your instruction and answer.

I Would like to know the difference between able and capable.

Here is an answer from the internet that I agree with:

  • Able is followed by an infinitive. If someone is able to do something, they can do it and it is not unusual or surprising if they do it: ‘The doctor said that after a few years I’d be able to get out of bed’. ‘Will you be able to play on Saturday?’

  • Capable is followed by the preposition of and a gerund/participle. If someone is capable of (doing) something, they do not usually do it, but it is possible for them to do it if they want to: ‘I’m sure he’s quite capable of getting here on time, but he can’t be bothered’. ‘The power station is capable of generating enough electricity for the whole region’.

Hi, Mr. Micawber,
I’ve been a member in this forum for almost a month now. Could you please enlighten me whether the tenses below that I’m using are correct or not.
The incident was happened already and I’m going to write a letter to inform the office.

“However, it seemed everything to be fine until; the tenant unit 109 had suddenly arrived and was claiming the spot I’d been using.”
“I’d decided to give up and I was forced to moved out and later on jumped onto the next empty spot.”

Thank you.
Adonis :slight_smile:

“However, everything seemed to be fine until the tenant in Unit 109 suddenly arrived and claimed the spot I’d been using.”
“I decided to give up, and I was forced to move out, but later on I jumped into the next empty spot.”

hi, dear sir,
i really did’nt get the answer of my question . i am still confused “how to use have been and had been”.plz reply me clearly.

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i want to know where to use had and have

which is correct for tell about urself???

i’m malathy
i live in chennai
i had completed my BCA in patrician college
i did my diploma in panimalar polytechnic
i had completed my 10th in st.antony’s hr.sec school

is this correct please tell me incase of any mistakes


i’m malathy
i live in chennai
i have completed my BCA in patrician college
i did my diploma in panimalar polytechnic
i have completed my 10th in st.antony’s hr.sec school

tel me which is correct in this

My name is Malathy.
I live in Chennai.
I completed my BCA at Patrician College.
I did my diploma at Panimalar Polytechnic.
I completed 10th grade at St. Antony’s Sr. Sec. School.