Haste Makes Waste!

Please Luschen check my essay. I am going to take the exam in August.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Haste makes waste.

“Haste makes waste” which is an old saying accepted almost by everyone. Some people are prone to do the tasks as quickly as they can but then they realize that everything got wrong. From my point of view, we should not do things precipitately but instead we should act carefully.

For a start, haste makes us lose our attention. The main reason is that we only think about consequences of our aim when we act quickly. So eventually it may result in unpleasant and dangerous events. For instance, researchers have recently shown that about ninety six percent of car accidents are caused by fast driving. Sometimes drivers think that they may get faster to their desirable place but this belief may pull them into a grave rather than their location.

Secondly, people are no able to effectively use their mind when they conduct tasks faster. In other words, our brain cannot implement some commands in a very short time. For example, I had a major English test three months ago which I did not do very well on it. There were twenty questions and twenty minutes to finish. So I decided to write faster as I could. After accomplishing I was feeling as if I had written very well but when I received my grade I was shocked. There were also many questions that I missed since I had not seen them. Concisely, haste makes the things in opposite.

Last but not least, haste can even pull us into a precipice. Since sometimes it is a big risk to make quick decisions. For one thing, a friend of my father worked in business. Everything was good. But he suddenly became bankrupt because of the issue which he resolved in a very short time.

To sum up, time is going and it never stops but it does not indicate that we are supposed to do things quickly. Also it is worth to mention that haste can pull us into unpredictable outcomes so we should act slowly and carefully if we consider our bright future.

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Hi, I thought this was one of your best essays yet. Your grammar is very good in this one, with only a few errors - more towards the end of the essay though. You have some good vocabulary words, but much of your essay is still a bit simple and basic. It was easy to understand though with only a couple odd phrases. Overall, I would rate it a 4 out of 5.

Thanks you Luschen for your feedback. You are very affectionate and helpful.It seems that I made many mistakes.
When it comes to you revision you predicted right that I meant(people don’t think about the consequences when you act quickly).In addition,i have a shortage of time while writing. Concisely, thank you Luschen again.