has changed.....

I am wondering if you say things like the sentence below.

“She deserves it because her attitude has changed toward so and so and anyboby.”

I don’t think I made my point clearly in earlier post.

I am trying to make sentence out of ‘has changed’, and wondering if I got it right.
Could you check more senteces please?

  1. Her attitude has changed about challenging it.
  2. Her attitude has changed to start it over again.
  3. Her attitude has changed on facing the hardwhips.

Although your usage is correct your sentences (particularly 3) sound strange, these are as close as I can get to make them sound ‘natural’.
Her attitude has changed and she will now challenge decisions.
Her attitude towards starting over has changed.
Her attitude to the ??? has changed.

Here are a few more examples:
Her attitude towards her co-workers has changed since she didn’t get promotion.
She has changed her mind twice this week already.
I didn’t recognise her. She has changed so much since i last saw her.

These verb tenses are not clear to me.
Does grammar allow saying the sentence this way below?

I didn’t recognise her. She had changed so much since I had last seen her. or
I haven’t recognised her. She changed so much since I had last seen her.


The first is correct, but the first sentence in your second phrase doesn’t work well there.

My the first one was my choice actually. If it hadn’t been recognised as a good one I would have been stuck with learning this language.