has been & has been doing

Hello Experts!

I have studied many examples about “HAVE/HAS BEEN” and “HAVE/HAS BEEN DOING” but my concept isn’t clear kindly explain it in detail I will be obliged.

Thanks in anticipation


With the simple present perfect, the verb action carries up to the present but may or may not still be happening now.
With the progressive present perfect, the action is still happening now.

I have been thinking about your question for a while, but I have not been doing much writing on it - till now.

Hello Experts!!

My confusion still there about “HAS BEEN”,My question is that how and where can we use this “HAS BEEN” kindly explain through any situation.

Use ‘has been’ just as you use ‘has come’, ‘has gone’, ‘has eaten’, etc.

He has been sick.
She has been in Honolulu.
It has been a hard winter.