hand over

I came across the following sentence. What does ‘hand over’ mean here? Is there any mistake?

LG Electronics handed over 28 hi-tech libraries, offering more than 30,000 e-books to 22,000 users across the country through a project called ‘Modern Libraries’.

“Hand over” here means “give” and it goes with “to 22k users” in your sentence.

‘LG Electronics handed over 28 hi-tech books to 22,000 users across the country.’
Is this sentence correct grammatically?

What is a hi-tech book? Card, paper and binding is not ‘hi-tech’.

A bit out of the topic here but can I use ‘lo-tech’ as an antonym for ‘hi-tech’?

I mean high technical books for ‘hi-tech books’.
Is it OK?

Sorry, but I still have to ask what you mean by ‘high technical books’.

I guess he wants to mention books that require special knowledge to understand.

I don’t wish to second-guess what Allifathima means.