Hallo! My name is Eliane and I am taking the TOEFL test on March 13!

Hi people! My name is eliane and I am taking the toefl on march 13!
I would like to know if someone can help me with my writing essays. I really have a hard time when I am asked to cost doubt on the ideas of the reading passage with the lecture.

Thank you all ! :slight_smile:

Hello Eliane,

Welcome to the forum. I am sure, you would like reading and writing essays here - TOEFL essay collection.

Looking forward to reading you.

Hey Gray! Thank you so much!

I am actually ready to post some of my essays to someone to help me and give me some advices! Well for now, before I post all of them, I am also having a hard time to write an essay about this subject: I am not quit sure what means this sentence:

Students not teachers or administrators should be in control of their own education.

I have no idea how to start to express my opinion on this essay.

Any Advice?? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hey, it’s good to read you again. While writing, almost all of the time we start with the topic itself.

Students not teachers or administrators should be in control of their own education.

So, start asking questions like –

  1. Are students themselves decide what to learn? Or parents or teachers force them to study against their will?

  2. Can students really perform better in subjects they don’t like? Why?

  3. When can a student decide for herself or himself?

But, do remember the objective – all points should relate to the given topic.

Hey Gray!

Thank you! It is a good beginning. I will start in thinking how can I support and organize my ideas on this topic. But I am still not sure about in [Control themselves].
Hum…when I first read I though the control themselves meant like how long they study (how much time they take to themselves to study or learn, and what kind of methods the use to study). I emphasize that because I wrote an essay couple days ago about if students should frequent an university or if they could study by themselves. (It was something like that, sorry I dont remember very well) :frowning:

I posted one of my essays on the other link you gave me, so you are more then welcome to read and tell me what you think. :slight_smile:

Thank you,