half as many as vs half as many + noun as

Hello again !

How does the following sentenses sound ? Could you tell me which sounds more natural ?

  1. Japan’s population is half as large as that of the United States.

  2. Japan has half as large population as that of the United Statues.

  3. She has cars twice as many as I do.

  4. She has twice as many cars as I do.


How do the following sentences sound?

In the first set, sentence 1 is correct but sentence 2 is incorrect.
In the second set, sentence 1 is incorrect but sentence 2 is correct.

Hi Beesnees

Thanks for correcting my mistake ! It’s very helpful to know the mistakes I made to improve my English skills.

Can I just ask one more question ? How about if I changed the sentense 2 of the first set as:

Japan has population half as large as the United States (does).

I suppose this isn’t right, either…


You still made a spelling mistake with ‘sentence’.

No. You could say:
Japan has a population which is half as large as that of the United States
but that is very long-winded. It is much simpler to say
Japan’s population is half that of the United States.

Yes I always do that. I’ll be extra careful with “sentence”.

as … as concept is quite difficult. I suppose I should just memorize without thinking too much.

Thanks !