had to misunderstand vs. must be misunderstanding

Hi all.
I am not fully understand what the correct version and why?
They ……… him , because manager didn’t say that.

  1. must misunderstand
  2. had to misunderstand
  3. must be misunderstanding
  4. must have misunderstood
  5. have to misunderstand

I think the correct answer 5

The above cannot be answered as the question itself in incorrect !!

Let’s let a native speaker handle this one. The question is correctly done.

The correct answer is 4, “They must have misunderstood him, because the manager didn’t say that.”

It means, “I think it is certain that they didn’t understand the manager correctly. He didn’t say what they think he did.”

Hi Jamie,

I am new to this form. However, I have been reading many of your feedback. I appreciate your time and generosity in helping us non-English speakers to understand many complex English words and the usages of the language. I have always looking for someone to help me in improving my English skills. Some how the way you have made the language much easier to understand for me. It is a blessing for me to discover this website. I live in US, California, San Francisco. It might sound like a little bid inappropriate if I ask your help in some of my writing. I know you don’t have the obligation to say yes.

Question: Do you where I can get a comprehensive assessment for my English level on-line free of charge? I feel that I am not totally a beginner but not at the college level as I wanted to be. I would like to narrow down my learning scope. Thank you in advance.


Tiffany, I think you can borrow a TOEFL book from the library that has sample tests on CD-ROM. That will give you the assessment you want, I think, at least of your passive English, but not necessarily of your active English. If your library doesn’t have one of those, you can get one at a big bookstore. They’re not that expensive.


Thank you for your response. I am not sure I understand what you mean by “passive English” and “active English”. Please explain. hI will go to one of my local library or a book store to check out The TOEFL. It sounds familiar. I think I might have taken it once before I enrolled in my first year of college, but I am not sure. It was a long time ago.