'had' or 'has'

“If you learned you only had/has six months to live, how would you spend your time?”
In this sentence should I use ‘had’ or ‘has’?

In my opinion, ‘had’ will be used here.
Also, I think ‘have’ is used with you instead of ‘has’.

Hello Allifathima.

Could you please tell me why did you use the verb “learn” in the sentence?
I would say If you had six months to live how would you spend your time/life?

Have a nice day.


Hello Marina,

If you learned you had = If you found out you had

Hi Beeesneees. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply.
I didn´t know that “Learn” and “Find out” were interchangable.


They aren’t interchangeable every time - it depends on the type of ‘learning’.
For example, you would learn to play a musical instrument, but you would not ‘find out’ how to play it.

So… depends on the context. Thanks again Beeesneees!

Hi Beeesneees,
Could you please explain the “find out” and “learn” usage with another simple example.

I want to find out about India.
I want to learn about India.

I want to learn my multiplication tables (find out does not work).

thank you Beeesneees… now i i am clear about it