Had gone or went, please help me. PLEASE HELP ME MORE

  1. By the time I arrived at the party, most of the other guests had gone.

  2. The story is written in richly poetry language.

  3. Sussan always dresses fashionably.

  4. Japan, lied / situated on the ring of fire on the edge of the pacific Ocean.

  5. Its epicenter was nearly 20 milesn under/ upper the floor of the pacific ocean.



Yes, this sentence is correct. You could add ‘already’ though to make it sound more natural.


This is a situation of PAST in the PAST. I think it is also called PLUPERFECT.

When two actions took place in the past, you would sometimes see one having taken place before the other. That first action is the past in the past.

Of the two past actions, one happening prior to the other will have to be put in the past perfect tense (had tense).

So, the answer, as suggested by Torsten, is correct because prior to your arrival at the party, some other thing happened (leaving of the guests).

However, the addition of ‘already’ is optional since even without it the meaning is very clear.


2 richly poetic language

3 Susan always dresses in the height of fashion

4 Japan lies/is situated

  1. Under/above

Alan, doesn’t ‘under the floor’ sound illogical?

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