Guy Fawkes Night?

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Alan’s latest essay which is titled ‘Guy Fawkes’ is all about expressions with ‘fire’ and ‘burn’.

For example, he explains the idiom ‘never set the Thames on fire’. What do you think it means? And what about the expression ‘getting on like a house on fire’? Do you think it has a positive or a negative meaning? If you want to learn more fire and burning expressions you need to read ‘Guy Fawkes’ by Alan Townend.

Oh, and by the way, Alan also tells you what a squib is and how you can use it… … ou-93.html[YSaerTTEW443543]

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yes .hi .its realy big problem the fire ,because its burning forest in u s a & australia and different parts of world . i think because of forest is dry &high temperature or some people like to play with fire. second thanks for information u give me about fire history like that guy who lives during 1570-1606. thats sad story. also i saw many cases of burning cars ,homes. sometimes by accident sometimes children play.&that time may be we can control fire or not . also some people arnt ready to fire fighting they dont know how to deal with these problems . as you know add fuel to fire
we have to be safe &take care in fire case . thanks indeed// see you

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Try reading the articles written by Alan on the home page of this site.

Everything you will ever need to become proficient in English.

we must take care of the fire because it will be dangerous for children and for other who don’t know how to use it. that’s why i want you to let know the danger of the fire.Now we’re recognizing the utility of the fire because with it we can cook meal and any other foods.

I want to ask about " Off all the elements and here I am talking about air, water, earth and fire"
Why dou say Off All, why not All Off
Many Thanks

i’m a teacher of English language in Nigeria. i want to know how i can teach proper essay writing.

“Burning the candle at both ends” is such a illustrative sentence… This is the motto of our epoch.

Thank for your interesting essays, Allan,

Hi Alan, thanks for this cohesive collection of fire related expressions. I hope that one day I will be as professional as you (in English)

thanks again for your helpful writings.


Hi Alan… i really liked your essay!!! i learnt more vocab and also learnt how to use those words and also undersatand them in the spoken english. Thanks a lot!!!

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it is quite fine to meet people on this forum from all over the world. I just wanted to say a special hello from Germany to Barranquilla, Colombia, the place where I was born. I haven’t unfortunately lived there for more than 20 years.



Hi Alan ,
thank you for the essay . I have a questions in second paragraph , you wrote " they are said to be “adding fuel to the fire” .
how come be verb + past verb after subject , can you explain for me please ! I’m glad to hear from you soon .
regards .
Lugina’s .

Thanks for the essay. Last days I have been studying English idioms and your essay helped me to improve my knowledge . Surprisingly, the idioms which were written in your essay are same in my native language./meanings are same/ . So that it was easy to memorize for me.


thank you for the essay. Very informative and interesting.

Hello, Allan

I enjoy very much reading your essays. I value your efforts to teach us your language in an amusing way. I can’t imagine all the expressions that you can use with the words. I think that it is a little bit complicated to understand speech when those expressions are used. We have to know very well English to understand the true meaning of the phrase.

Thanks for your essays

Hello Alan,

Thank you very much for the essay.Very nice and helpfull for enrich my english conversation vocabular.


Hi Alan Sir

Your Essay Guy Fawles Night was good. Through this we could learn
some fire and burning expression vocubulary. Why don’t you write
some cold and cool expression in your next Essay.

Thank you sir


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Hi alan.

The essay is fantastic, you use a lot of idioms. I don’t knew nothing about celebration on 5 november, either way is funny and dangerous because many people around the world don’t know how to use the fireworks.
I had to read slowly to understand how the idioms are mixed in the subject, by the way is excelent.