Greetings! My name is Bill and I am 25 years old

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself real quick: My name is Bill and I am 25 years old and currently live in Vermont (United States). Soon I hope to be teaching English in Japan, hopefully right after I graduate from Saint Michael’s College with my Master’s Degree in TESOL.

I love teaching English and I hope that I can be a big help to anyone who needs it :smiley:

Hi Bill, it’s great you have joined our forum! We are glad to have another grammar expert on board. Why do you want to teach English in Japan? Do you have friends there or are you just interested in Japanese culture?

Talk to you soon,

PS: I like your user name![YSaerTTEW443543]

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Thanks for the quick reply! I want to teach in Japan for many reasons. I want to bring my family there so they can experience learning another culture and language, I have friends who are in Japan and I have studied Japanese for about two years. I’m not quite the grammar expert yet, but I aspire to be one.

The name was inspired by a teacher that works at Saint Michael’s…she keeps telling her students that they do indeed love grammar, contrary to what they may think…

Very interesting, Bill. I’ll ask you some questions soon and hope to see you around again and again.


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Hi Bill.

Wecome on board. Just out of curiosity what is the name Bill short for?


Come on Bill !! :lol:

It is great to hear that you want or wish to teach English abroad , so , why you don’t add a new choice to your choices , and thinking to teach English here in my country Syria !!! :roll:

I was joking with you … :smiley: :lol:

Nice to meet you and hope that you will spend here a useful time and can make friendly relations with our lovely members here or our geart moderators … :wink:

Best wishes … 8)


Hi, Bill!

Nice to see you :smiley:

herc have a good ideas…

welcome to you in the country of beauty and peace [color=red]Syria.

you are choosing technology giant country for work in it…
good choice

I wish you succeed in your job.


Bill, i need you… :lol:

Welcome to this forum, lecturer Bill…