Greetings! Good luck everybody and see you soon!

Hi everybody: it?s a great pleasure to join to this forum. i?d really like to meet you all. i try to help you to learn or improve your english through this website. i think it?s wonderful to meet people from all around the world.
i hope you are having a good experience talking to everyboby and sharing your thoughts, opinions, interests, goals, feelings. the most exciting experience in life is sharing yourself to the others.
well i will wait for your mails and i promise to reply all of them.
Good luck everybody and see you soon.

HI, Rodin!
Nice to meet you and welcome! Where are you from?

Hey rodin!!
Nice to have you here!
See ya around!

You are most welcome…Rodin…!

But what do you mean by this:

I mean [color=blue]’’ try to use capitals and appropriate punctuations in your English ‘’ before you try to help others…

Take care…