Greetings from Pakistan

Those who always keep a smile on thier face are

  • very polite people.
  • very dangerous people.

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Hello every one,

Its really good to be among all knowledge seekers. I have joined this forum just two days back and i have already learned a lot.

My name is Lime Light and i am from Pakistan. I used to be a teacher but i have jumped into the Marketing field and now i am serving as Director Marketing in a reputed firm of my country. Though i have left teaching but i terribly miss the relationship and the interaction i used to have with my students.

I guess i am going to polish my self with the help of this forum and then start teaching again.

I would be highly thankful if the trainers on board could give some feedback about my Englisg.


Lime Light

Hello Lime Light,

How are you enjoying the site? We also hope to learn a lot from you!

Business and teaching may have a few things in common, but still, it’s a big leap changing over from one profession to the other. I totally relate to you wanting to go back to teaching and wish you all the very best in fulfilling your ambitions.