Greasy food, cannot easily digest

Hi everyone

I would like to find the word to describe a symptom when eating greasy food.
Example : I’m so hungry, I pass by a hamburger restaurant and have some greasy foods.
I feel full in my stomach, I cannot eat anymore. (It’s not because I eat too much, It’s because the food is so greasy). If I eat greasy food with vegetable, this feeling is not so strong. Maybe I bear it longer.
What is the word to describe this kind of feeling ?

I suppse you might hear something like:
that food I ate earlier is sitting on my stomach.
That food feels heavy in my stomach.
but the terms are not specific to greasy food.

In our place we call ‘greasy food’ ‘oily food’.
Is it not correct?
Please comment. Thanks.

I said the terms used about the feelings created by the consumption of the food are not terms that are specific to greasy food. I did not say the term ‘greasy food’ itself was wrong.
Greasy/oily food is fine.

Thank you Bee.

Yes, this feeling is not specific to greasy food. I use it in the example because most of the time, people likely have this kind of feeling when eating them. Even other food, we still have it.