GRE versus other qualifiers


This is a great forum, I’ve gleaned much information from it.

I’ve been studying for the GRE off and on for about 4 weeks. Today I took my first practice test and scored a 900 (430 quant, 470 verbal). I have several months to continue studying for the exam so am not too concerned about increasing the score, but I was wondering how all the other qualifiers are weighed when combined with the GRE score? Here’s why I ask.

I’m in my early 50s and want to pursue an assistantship. The graduate degree will be in communication theory. Aside from my GRE results, here’s what I’ll have to offer…

–4.0 GPA in my undergrad school, 3.9 GPA at another college.

–Almost my entire adult life spent in advertising and marketing communication management.

–Stellar written recommendations from at least 5 professors.

–My strength is in communication and two of the professors giving me recommendations teach communication classes; one received his MA in communications from the university I’m applying.

I recognize it’s tough to offer solid advice here, but was just wondering about general experience from others. I guess the question is this: in a worse case scenario, if I was unable to raise the GRE score by much, would my other qualifications help in “selling” myself into the program?

Again, recognize it’s a tough question, but I’m quite disappointed at my low first-test scores. One last thing that might offer more insight. I am medicated for a learning disability and will take steps to have special arrangements made for the actual test. To this end, I took the practice test and didn’t complete 6 of the verbal questions. This should be cared for with the special arrangements. Thanks for any thoughts!