GRE question: He'd once known acclaim for

The following passages come from a book invented just for students to remember GRE words.

  1. He’d once known acclaim for his acerbic wit, which cut through the acedia of modern society.
    My qusetion: What does He’d once known acclaim for mean?

  2. But his wife would not accommodate the acerbity that was now leaving her husband’s writing abstruse: he had sought a teaching position to satisfy the absurd need for security his wife considering a teaching post accomplish abstnence from poverty.
    My question:There’re so many words in the underlined part. Is accomplish used correctly here in structure ?

Please help me out and many many thanks in advance.

1-- he had once experienced recognition / popular approval

2-- You are right: something is wrong, and I think it includes ‘considering’, which should read ‘considered’? It is difficult to sort out, and I am tempted to instead create a new sentence:

…the absurd need for security. His wife considered a teaching post accomplished abstinence from poverty.

Trying to squeeze all those $10 words into a single passage-- and thereby strain their usage-- is an absurdity in itself.