GRE on Sep. 14 2008

I am appearing for GRE on sep 14 2008 , i gave a GRE POWERPREP exams and my score was 390V and 770 Q, is there anyway i can improve my verbal score by 100 points in 12 days .

I gave my GRE my score is 760Q 410V .I tried to cramp alot words to boost my gre score but it didn’t help.
any way , how good is this score for MS in MIS

Please try this

in most cases, that is not bad (not amazingly good). for mis (because it’s technical field), they may give high weights for the math scores while the verbal won’t be that important (given you did well on the toefl exam if required). TAMU even waive the toefl for those with 400+ on the verbal so it will even turn as an advantage.