GRE® Issue Essay:"Because of television and worldwide computer connections,

TOPIC: ISSUE150 - “Because of television and worldwide computer connections, people can now become familiar with a great many places that they have never visited. As a result, tourism will soon become obsolete.”

In the recent few decades , there has emerged the most important technique called Internet which has been growing rapidly both in breadth and depth, revolutionizing our way of living. The Internet abounds in description and image of most of the world’s tourism attractions, making it convenient for traveler to get a feel about the scenic spot they dream about. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean there is no need any more for traveler to see the places on the spot. To feel the delicacy and beauty for yourself, you still have to spend some time and money traveling to the chosen place.

Admittedly, with the Internet you have the chance to know something about many places you have never visited. Nevertheless, the information is limited in its breadth and depth, which may cause misinforming . On the website offering traveling news , you possibly can find the introduction to the place you desire, but, if you want to get a deeper understanding about it you will find yourself in the wrong place. Moreover, the information on the Internet are manually selected by the editor, who more or less add some prejudice on the range of the information. Therefore, you can not avoid reading something not interesting to you when surfing the traveling website . So the limits and prejudice of imformation about the tourism attraction make it a must for you to travel yourself there to get an on-spot feel, breathing the fresh air, strolling on the soil and enjoying the landscape.

Even though the websites are so comprehensive and thoughtful in offering information for travelors , the format of information, such as image, text and even videos, can hardly satisfy the eager traveler. Images are ever increasingly more vivid and colorful than before, but are curbed by the boundary of the screen. The color of the artificial images nowadays cannot ravel with the real-life vision. Text are the format in which writer can record their accurate description and even their personal emotion. However, in some cases, words are too weak to depict the subtle feelings. Perhaps videos are the most competitive format in depicting the scenic spot for its ability to provide moving picture. Still, vedio 's content is limited and may not be what you want to see. Therefore, to fulfill your personal appetite for the real-world spot, Pack your stuffs and bring some money. Once you get there, you will never regret for you decision.

Moreover, the tourism will not soon become obsolete because the municipality of the tourism attraction will take the environmental advantage to intensely develop the local tourism industry to boost the local image and economy, leaving no chance for the traveler to settle for Internet tourism. Advertising on all kinds of media, promoting by discounts and improving the facilities around the scenic spot are among the many ways to attract more travelers to come. The recent hit news of Australia government hiring one person to guard the great reef with salary of 10,000 a month is the most clear-cut example. So it is reasonable to say that in the near future, tourism will not be obsolete for the effort put forth by municipalities of tourism attraction.

In conclusion, taking the above factors into account, the limited and biased information, unsatisfactory format of information and the effort to attract traveler, make it not very possible for the real-world tourism become obsolete.