GRE exam format changed?

Hi folks,
I am a new member to this forum and would like to know more about GRE.I plan to take up GRE soemtime later next year.So i need some suggestions from u all.
When i went to site for test format, i found that the test has been divided to GRE subject test and GRE general test.What is the difference.
What i should take for pursuing Master’s in computer science.
Please advise.


u need 2 take the general gre. some schools want CS test 2, so check 4 the ones u r applying 2. the test does not change til fall 2007.

to know more about the format changes visit … re2007.htm

the page contains the comparions of the current form of gre and the gre that would be from fall 2007

to have some practices excercises visit