GRE advice and plans needed

Hi guys. Im giving my GRE on the 14th on November. Hardly around 22 days left for me. I gave a practice test recently and got around 1220. Verbal= 500 and quant = 720.

Im looking at verbal 600 and quant = >750

What can I do to improve my scores. I was doing Barrons. Got
Kaplan premier edition recently.
I have finished 30 word lists from barrons. Im now concentrating only on GRE important words around 250 words. Im banking on quant more as that is important for me.
Guys can you help me out by telling me how can I improve my scores.

Thanks in advance :mrgreen:

u need to do more than study vocab. r u studying verbal question types 2?

i wud do princeton review not kaplan. it is better on verbal. barrons is gud 2. do u have powerprep tests? they r free on

Thanks panet735…Dude I have finished doing some of the questions from all the verbal question types.
For words am doing just Kaplan gre top words and words am encountering in all the exercises I do. It ads up to a lot of words…

Wat about maths.

take some free practice tests at , number2 . just take as many tests as possible.

4 maths, just practice. know ur formulas nd how 2 know fast which answers r wrong. there r always 2 that r really wrong.