Grammer correction needed

Please read the following paragraph.

Q. possible: After he will weight himself tomorrow?

Is it possible to use will after he. If not why?
As the speaker is saying that he is going to weight tomorrow which is in future tense.

thank you

The term is
… after he weighs himself tomorrow. (simple future).

No other form of the future tense is necessary.

but ,
Simple future = will+verb

How can this sentence be a simple future without adding will after he ??

It is a convention that the future tense with “will” is not used with certain words and expressions such as “when”, “as soon as”, “by the time that”, “after”, “before”, “if”, “unless”, “while” – even though the sense is future. I am not aware that there is any logical explanation for this. It is just a rule of the language that you have to learn.

I can’t find this on text books. what I learned was tense forms and basic rules but, need to know more about that rules which I’m unaware of please help.

Thank You
Dosy and Beeesneees

by the way what do you mean by “Beeesneees”

Hi, I suggest you simply read more in English so your grammar will improve automatically. Also, please remember the correct spelling of the word grammar ;-)[YSaerTTEW443543]

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