I have a question. Are the sentences correct?
You can buy whatever you even dream of.

and one more sentence
you have many friends because only of your money .
you have many friends if only because you have money. — this sentence seems to be correct but I am not sure about the first sentence.

Those sentences are all incorrect.

You can buy whatever you dream of.
You can even buy whatever you’ve been dreaming of.

You only have many friends because of your money.
You have many friends only because you have money.

Beeesneees Thank you for your answer. :smiley:

@Beeesneees What do you think about this sentence? Is it correct? I enjoyed sunbathing on the beach all day

It is missing a full stop, but otherwise it is correct in the right context.

and the last question
What about the sentence? Do you know the address where we were living/lived?
What tense is better? Simple or Continuous?

The sentence is possible and the context would dictate which tense was needed.

eg. I was on holdays with someone, and I want to recommend the hotel to my friend, and I’m asking someone “Do you know/remember the address where we were living/lived?”

I mean the exact context… the paragraph in which the sentence is used. Not the general context.

Probably ‘were living’ in that example, as it was temporary accommodation.

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