Grammar: the way to treat ourselve to do(treat) our opposite

Can you let me know if the sentence below is correct in grammar? If not , please correct it or make it look better for me
“We, especailly man, follow the way to treat ourselve to do (treat) our opposite gender.”
thank you very much

To be honest, I am not sure what you are trying to say. I might change your:


We-- especially men-- tend to please ourselves when dealing with our opposite gender.

Would you not say " …the opposite sex" ?


You are you speaking to, Art? I would use either, probably:

Gender: 2. Sexual identity, especially in relation to society or culture. 3a. The condition of being female or male; sex. b. Females or males considered as a group: ‘expressions used by one gender’.

Thank for your reply Sorry for difficulty of understanding my poor expression
I try to talk about a philosophic view
Comparatively, men are rational and objective, and, women are passionate and subjective. Each one of both side is right on its own merit but quarrels and conflicts come after interaction.

Perhaps something like?–

We, especially men, tend to treat the opposite gender as we would treat ourselves.

This does not include much of the ideas you just expressed in your last post, though, 27029450.

Are you sure it’s not the other way round, 27029450 :lol: (lucky we only have to type your ‘nickname’, not say it aloud)?

I expressed this theorically. The theory could not be apply to every case. To my pholosiphical knowledge, men were long assumed to be rational creatures, trending toward reasonableness, especially by feminists. Don’t you think intelligence , hard-working, profit-maximization, and courage are the stuff a Mr. Right(maybe Mr. Correct) should be made of? Men abide by the moral order and are constrained by powerful structure built in the modern hierachical society to achieve their objective of progess.
We say “be a man” we don’t say “be a woman” that is the answer.
The question is not whether men are better than woman or woman are better than men, but is whether reasonableness and objectivity are being defined to be better things than passion and subjectivity.
At the last, I think we do something right with reason, we do anything wrong without passion.


How do you define “being objective”? In what way are men more objective than women?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Thank you Micawber
You are right. that is exact about what I am trying to say